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As the majority of you realize, Google left the transfer via USB feature in Android 4. and above and changed it with MTP File Transfer. As a result when you no more need to mount and not-mount your device when connected straight to a pc, your pc must be capable of read MTP. Home windows has this ability natively and inserting in almost any ICS device will immediately cause it identified by home windows as well as your device turns up like a folder, and access immediately sis provided to internal folders. (I have examined this dating back to XP and delay pills work). MacOS doesn’t have MTP ability that’s indigenous to it, so Android launched something for mac call Android File Transfer. Once installed, It enables your Mac to instantly recognize your ICS tool and provides you with use of internal folders (though what you can do to change individuals folders is a little limited).For Linux systems there appears to become nothing. I’ve found this odd simply because Android is really a Linux base OS. I have done some investigation in it there does appear to become a method to hack this functionality into Linux, but it’s an unpleasant hack.

I’m wondering whether any one of you’d any tips about how to pull off obtaining a A linux systemunix to acknowledge an ICS device to ensure that files could be moved together through dragging and shedding. Before someone indicates it, yes I understand that you will find wireless options for doing it, but I am not thinking about them simply because all are a little not fast enough in my liking.In Android ICS, the media transfer protocol MTP is just about the standard for moving pictures and tunes between your phone as well as your computer. In Linux, out finally under Ubuntu 12.04, MTP falters from the box. Based on a couple of posts, mtp may be used with a few spend scripts to transfer data towards the Universe Nexus. In my experience this protocol appears very laggy and slow, while establishing the MTP with console tools is sort of nerdy. I attempted some options on the Xperia Ray:

Bluetooth is to establish reasonably well, but transfer speed is restricted to two Mbit/s. For pictures and tunes, that’s just a little slow.
The Airdroid application is free of charge and it has a pleasant interface. It may synchronize android phones via a web interface and therefore is platform-independent. However, computer and make contact with both have to be connected towards the same wi-fi router. Direct wi-fi isn’t supported, regrettably.
Within the global menu, Configurations > Xperia > Connectivity > USB connection mode enables to change between MTP and Mass storage mode (MSC). Selecting the second enables to mount the Sdcard much like inside a thumb drive. I love this method, when i may use my preferred file manager to transfer the photos. Also, this provides you control button around the folder structure on the telephone. When the gallery application doesn’t recognize the brand new picture folders, Configurations > Applications > (All) > Gallery supplies a &ldquoClear data&rdquo button, which forces the gallery application to reload all data.
I suppose the MTP protocol can get better support by Ubuntu later on that will let it synchronize media using the corresponding desktop programs for example Rhythmbox or Shotwell. Let’s wait and watch.

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