Android file transfer not working mac galaxy nexus


Connect with a Macs computer via USB

Use a USB cable for connecting your phone to some computer running Mac OS X having a USB cable and transfer music, pictures, along with other files both in directions.

This connection uses the MTP protocol, which isn’t based on Mac OS X natively. Therefore, you need to set up the disposable Android File Transfer application in your Macs. It’s available filetransfer, together with instructions regarding how to do the installation.

Once you install Android File Transfer, adopt these measures:

If you work with Android File Transfer the very first time, double-click it to spread out it.

Once you start Android File Transfer once, it opens instantly if you connect your device for your computer.
Connect your device for your computer having a USB cable.

Android File Transfer begins, when not already running, and opens a window that shows the items in your device, together with space for storage particulars at the end from the window.

You train with this window almost as much ast whether it were a Finder window: frequent lowering and raising folders, creating new folders, and dragging files to or from this along with other Finder home windows. Disconnect the USB cable when you are finished.

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