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Does your Laptop have Microsoft ‘office’ / Ms Word installed? If that’s the case, it ought to, but there might be a version incompatibility.

Office 2007 / 2010 should have the ability to open any previous M$ Office application, using the caveat that it could open older versions initially in read only mode, and you will need to enable editing to be able to edit it.

Office 2003 minimizing cannot natively open documents produced at work 2007 / Office 2010 and saved with native specs (IOW, paperwork produced and saved at work 2007 / 2010 formats).

Wordpad cannot open Microsoft ‘office’ 2007 / 2010 documents natively, AFAICT.

So, you have to determine which form of Office you’ve around the XP machine and which (if any) version you’ve around the Laptop and move from there.

Presuming that you don’t have Microsoft ‘office’ around the laptop, or that it’s a mature version in the one on your hard drive:

One option is by using work Web Applications – Office to spread out the document. This involves an energetic Web connection.

Another is by using your Google account and employ Google Paperwork – and examine, edit, and print your doc after that. This involves an energetic Web connection.

Another choice is to install Microsoft Downloads – Word Viewer – the Ms Word viewer – that will act just like you have Word on your pc only for reading through and printing.

A 4th choice is to set up OpenOffice (a totally free, Open acquired option to Microsoft ‘office’ that may handle most Office files) from – The Disposable and Open Productivity Suite

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