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Flip ‘n Shake Lite 1.0 Released

Flip ‘n Shake Lite 1.0 for android contains all the features of the PRO version which is yet to be released. It is free only until April 6, 2010. After this date the Lite version will be downgraded and a PRO version will be released.

If you have installed the 1.0 version, do not update your app after April 6th. If you haven’t installed yet, please do so before April 6th.

Features for this version include:

Silent Mode Toggle
Vibrate Mode Toggle
WiFi Toggle
Keep Screen
Audio Recording
Uninstall Current App
Show contacts while in call

All these features are customizable for individual needs. Also more options available for functions where necessary.

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Flip ‘n Shake Lite Released!
Flip ‘n Shake Lite version has been released. With Flip ‘n Shake you can now operate some of the regularly used functions without even touching the screen of your phone.

Entering a meeting? No problem just flip (place your phone screen-down) the phone and it goes into silent mode automatically (unflip to revert back to normal ringer mode) or shake it to put it in vibrate mode.

Forgot to turn on silent mode? Don’t panic when it rings, just flip it to silence the ringtone.

Want to take a call while driving? Answer the call and flip the phone to turn on the speaker-phone. Now you can concentrate more on your driving.

The name says it all. Put the phone screen-down on a level surface or shake it to perform the preassigned functions. Check out Menu->Help to see what all you can do. All these features and more coming to the Flip ‘n Shake Pro version.

Pro version features:

More features
Customizable functions
Shake threshold setting
Ringer mode settings and more!

All this goodness now available in the Android Market. Android 1.5 and above. Tested on HTC Hero and HTC Tattoo.

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