Android food finder app


Several designers have launched resteraunt locator applications that make use of the location services inside your Android based smartphone. You will get food ideas and directions to locate local restaurants. A vacation to the Android market will disclose many search engine results when looking for “restaurants.” This can be a quick list of the very most popular and highly ranked applications. You never know, one of these simple applications will let you find your brand-new favorite restaurant.

1. Restaurant Finder

This free app obtainable in the Android Market uses google’s Search feature of the phone to discover restaurants near where you are. The primary screen provides all of the restaurant groups you are able to click for particular recommendations inside the category. Used to do searching for those Sea food Restaurants within my area and was proven as listing of around 30 local institutions. That you can do looks for all restaurants, buffets, Asian, steakhouses and many other groups. You may also perform a look for a specific restaurant title. Press looking tab, enter in the title and press Go.

According to this app’s precision, I provide a good 4 Star rating. It requires a person review area to boost the rating.

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