Android ftp server start automatically


Simple & free FTP Server to transfer files to/out of your android device having a FTP client.

For discussions, demands, suggestions, bug reviews, etc please make use of the google group

I am unable to response to comments, so please message me should you experience problems and have suggestions.

– Free FTP Server
– UTF-8 support
– Restrict connections to selected wireless systems
– Access during 3rd generation (if based on the mobile network)
– Restrict use of specific folder
– Verbose log output to follow connections/access and assist in error fixing
– Remote shutdown with custom (“SITE SHUTDOWN” command)

NOTE about permissions:
WRITE_Exterior_STORAGE and browse_PHONE_Condition are unconditionally added, due to compatibility to at least one.5 products (see to have an explanation. Since there’s still individuals with 1.5 using my FTPServer, I don’t want to create the minimum needed permission to some greater version.

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