Android full disk encryption app


Finally: Android products to obtain full disk file encryption

It appears as though Google Android will probably be the very first smartphone platform to obtain a near-native full disk encryption (FDE) app, because of work from famous IT security investigator Moxie Marlinspike.

Marlinspike, that has developed numerous innovative IT security services, such as the website, is co-founder and CTO of Whisper Systems, an american-based security software development firm that’s developing WhisperCore, an FDE app for Android products.

Presently in beta make sure readily available for google’s Nexus S phone, the app is charged as integrating fully using the Android operating-system and secure all data held on the telephone.

Initial reviews claim that the program encrypts and decrypts data on-the-fly, before I/O-ing it into (and from) other applications.

Based on the CNET newswire, the app “presents an easy and inconspicuous interface to customers, while supplying effective security and management APIs for designers.”

Confirming around the app, journalist Elinor Mills quotes Marlinspike as stating that the app supports data encryption around the Android’s Sdcard storage system, and it is free for consumer customers.

An industrial form of WhisperCore for Android can also be in development, although prices up to now to become determined, states Marlinspike.

“When the app is a component of the telephone, the consumer sets a passphrase, which is often used to develop a key that encrypts all of the data around the disk”, states CNET, estimating the safety investigator as stating that the program uses 256-bit AES in XTS Mode, a technology seen on Truecrypt and LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup).

News of WhisperCore’s development could come like a surprise with other suppliers, Infosecurity notes, as a minimum of two security firms, including Sophos, have the identical smartphone encryption technology and in development.

Research in motion sales, meanwhile, provides an on-smartphone AES and Triple DES transport encryption system according to Symantec (PGP) technology within its Rim Enterprise Server offering.

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