Android funny jokes for iphone


1. Funny jokes app

Is an android app found in the android market specifically made for funny jokes and videos. However it is being used as a mini facebook by most users on the app. it is the app where those stupid comments such as *rubs forehead twice*, do you like breadsticks?, purple because aliens dont wear hats and other childish codes come from. they post these codes all over youtube just to identify their fellow ABH (android brotherhood) members. this is stupid and lame. there is no joke in there, all you’d see there is “ABH my freind has an iphone and if you vote for me i’ll break it” “vote or else you’ll be forever alone” “vote if you love god” and many stupid shit. “vote or karma will get you” is the most voted for “joke” in there.
also if you expose the app, they claim that they’ll kill you and this coming from kids. the app is mostly ruled by 11-12 directioners who never stop spamming the app.

the only pro in this app is:
its free
as for the cons:
1.the jokes are ultimately rare, and very often re-posted again and again more than once in a week. even though they are not funny at all
2. if your app name is “attack dog” or “ultimate ninja” then every post you make gets on daily top even though its not funny at all. but if you post something funny you get hated on
3. pornography in the funny videos section, often posted by 15 yr olds and watched by 11-13 yr olds.
man1: hey did you hear about funny jokes app, oh wait i wasnt supposed to tell it to you or else the ABH will kill me

man2: yeah i know, i installed this app thinking that it’ll cheer me up, but instead it made me feel like im in facebook so i uninstalled, and you should too
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abh *rubs forehead twice* breadsticks lamest android app funny jokes app swiss codemonkeys.

An app on the Android market for funny jokes and videos.
Mostly comprised of 11-16 year olds that think they’re cool, when in reality, they are social rejects. They claim to be a part of ABH, which is essientally the Droid equivalent of Anonymous, just gayer.

The jokes are stupid, unfunny, and old ones such as Chuck Norris and Over 90000 jokes, ancient memes, overused Family Guy material, or people asking for 5 stars on their jokes. The other 99% percent is comprised of desperate horny tweens and teenagers asking for each other’s KIK accounts to trade nudes and sext. All comments are predictable and usually consist of “I find this easy to maturbate to”, “*insert Chuck Norris joke*”, “Damn nature, you scary!”, “Repost!”, “That’s a funny looking kitchen”, “This is what our tax dollars go to”, “FAKE”, or some other unfunny and unoriginal shit.

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