Android future class


Smart Phones are revolutionizing the world of personal communications and technically empowering people all over the world. Within 5 years they are expected to be the most dominant connecting device throughout the world. A major player in the smart phone market is now Google’s Android system. However, the exact system for developing an app is not of concern because there are start-ups creating translators that convert any app to any platform. This course will give you all the information to become an Android App Developer.

This quarterly workshop will enable you to take the first step towards becoming an Android App Developer as well as support budding Android App Developers!

Why Android?

One of the truly remarkable aspects of Android is that it not only “open source” but Google also developed a very user friendly app writing program to allow anyone, even children, to be able to develop their own apps. App Inventor is the program that allows you to do so and it was specifically designed for non-geeks and those who don’t have any knowledge of computer programming. It has now been taken over by MIT and has become very popular in the educational fields.

This basic course will expand your ideas about Android App Developers. Normally all the people have been conditioned for a negative bias towards their abilities for self learning.This course will enable you to use Android Applications by simple browsing through the chosen text (App Inventor).This would be the first successful step towards building your apps. This is a collaborative class. All are expected to actively learn and share. All current class information will be published on the blog under the “Android” tab. This class will repeat quarterly, you may return to future repeated course.

Requirements for the course:

PC computer (Apple Computer will not work)
“App Inventor” book : App Inventor: Create Your Own Android Apps
Participation… this is a group led class. You must help teach and must share.
NOTE: Android phone is NOT required.
A network of friends that you can turn to in future app building
11 group developed apps with your personal versions thereof
Collaborative document of app basics for reference and personal portfolio
Basic understanding of app development process and design flow
Basic vocabulary of Android app platform and programming terms

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