Android gamers might not see Carmageddon


While the mobile version of the classic PC game Carmageddon is slated to hit iOS devices next week, Android gamers may be in for a long wait.Originally, the iOS version was supposed to be released in “Summer 2012,” with the Android version of Carmageddon following “soon after.” While both versions have seen delays, the iOS version is simply waiting to be approved for Apple’s App Store, while the Android version is still in development. Now we’re hearing that it won’t be released until late 2012 at the earliest, and the wait could stretch until 2013.

A Classic With a New Coat of Paint
The original Carmageddon was released in 1997 for the PC, simultaneously thrilling gamers and horrifying ratings boards. Many countries refused to release the game without significant changes to its content, and some went even further, banning the game from being sold.While the mobile port is true to the original game, the passage of time has worn away some of Carmageddon’s shock value. Still, with one of the game’s main objectives being running over pedestrians, this is one app you might not want to buy for your kids.Carmageddon will support a wide range of control methods, with both on-screen touch controls and tilt controls as well as gesture support for repairing and recovering your vehicle in-game. Other features include tweaked difficulty from the original and an Action Replay system that allows you to save movies and upload them to YouTube.Check out the video below to get a feel for what the game will look like in action:Hopefully the extra development time for the Android version won’t go to waste. Maybe we’ll even see a few Android-exclusive features to make it worth the wait.Both the upcoming iOS version and the Android version will be free for the first 24 hours after they’re released. After that, the game will cost you $1.99.Were you a fan of the original Carmageddon, or did you even have a chance to play it? Are you planning to pick it up for your Android device when it’s released?I guess as an Android owner I’ve become “numb” to the delays and Waiting that come with being a supporter of the largest Mobile operating system there is. I guess maybe because there are so many android devices on the market it’s a bit harder to get things to run smoothly on all/most of them, as opposed to the comparative few devices that run IOS. Either way, I spent so much time when I was younger playing,modding,creating in Carmegeddon I & II this is a 1st day buy for me. Maybe the modding community will see this as a “new era” for carmageddon. That would be amazing, just imagine what could be done on this new platform. Maybe I need to step out of the “dark ages” and learn to program again

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