Android garage door opener



Simple, secure, Garage Door Opener. Buy a low cost receiver from us or DIY.

Trusted by thousands of users worldwide, GarageMate is the most secure way to remotely open your garage. The simple installation takes under 5 minutes. Even if someone else has this App they will not be able to open your garage without your permission.

Compatible with Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman, Raynor, Wayne-Dalton, Axis Cam AccessMaster and many other garage door openers.

Only phones that have been previously “paired” to the Bluetooth receiver can open your garage door. EIther buy the low-cost receiver from us or DIY with Radio Shack parts. The pairing process requires physical access to the receiver so it is NOT possible for someone (like a thief) to pair unless they are already inside your garage. The units are factory programmed with unique IDs (billions of billions of combinations), and Bluetooth’s low-power, frequency-hopping, signal is nearly impossible to intercept.

The GD Mate App is FREE for the first 30 clicks. This allows you to check compatibility with your phone and that you like using the App.

We performed extensive fail-safe testing of the receiver in below freezing temperatures, above 120F, high humidity, power loss problems, and many other situations. Even under extreme conditions, the receiver never opens your garage door accidentally. Also, because you can password protect your phone we believe this is the most secure way to access your home. If you loose your phone no one can enter your home (assuming the password is on)– the same can’t be said for keys and your other garage door remotes.

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