Android gerber viewer


Android Gerber Viewer is a RS-274X Gerber viewer for the Android platform. Android Gerber Viewer reads and renders Gerber files. RS-274X Gerber is a format to describe Printed Circuit Board’s (PCB) and used to manufacture PCB’s. Gerber RS-274X are generated by PCB layout editors.

With Android Gerber Viewer it is now possible to have your PCB layouts and schematics within reach at all time! A must have application for electronic and hardware engineers.

The Pro version features multilayer support. More features will be added in the future.

Android Gerber Viewer is tested with multiple Gerber files generated from different PCB layout editors. Does a particular Gerber file views improperly? E-mail me the Gerber file and I will make the app compatible.

Future updates:
– Rewrite rendering to OpenGL ES for better performances.
– Support for viewing drill files.
– Support for opening Gerber files directly from zip.
– Implementing a measuring tool.

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