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Top 10 Android Issues – For Future Nexus One Owners
Jan 19th, 2010

Please note that the list below was compiled based on functionality in Android 2.1 on the Nexus One when it became available. Many of these issues have been addressed in Android 2.2, such as WPA-2 Enterprise support, Exchange Calendar sync, Bluetooth tethering, etc.

My Nexus One was listed on eBay twice, but I cancelled the auction each time. That’s the kind of love-hate relationship I have with my phone. I finally decided to keep it and love it, but I cannot stop browsing the issues on the Android site so that I can at least hate it a little bit. It is too fascinating what I find there.

Reading the issue log solidified my reservations against Android and the Nexus One and almost made me sell it. Here are my top 10 favorites.


Issue 1180: Email app does not display inline images (11/3/2008)

This issue has been out there for several generations of phones and still exists on the Nexus One and Android 2.1.

Issue 1257: Calendar should support opening iCal .ics files (11/11/2008)
Issue 1226: Email app crashes when opening .ics meeting files (11/7/2008)

Users cannot open and accept Outlook calendar invitations. I have not tried to recreate this yet. A reported workaround is “to call the sender and ask for a clear-text message with the event description”. It is the year 2010, and the Democrats just lost a senate seat in Mass. It can’t get any sadder than that.

Issue 1386: Feature req: support WPA2-Enterprise with EAP extensions (11/28/2008)

Users cannot connect to certain enterprise WANs. Based on the postings in the forum, this seems to affect many universities in the US and Europe. I suppose Android was not made for scholars …

Issue 3528: Keyboard locale tied into Interface Language (11/11/2009)

I am a native German speaker living in the US. I can either set the phone to English, which will give me a US calendar, US date, time, and currency formats, and a fully English UI. I would like to set my phone to German while keeping the US locale. There is no distinction between locale and language, alas. Even so, people in Germany will not be happy with the German locale, because they get the US holiday calendar, among many other things that should be localized. I, on the other hand, would like to use the German language and still get US news.

Issue 1151: RFE: Support install of apps on SD cards (8/30/2008)

The Nexus One ships with a 4GB SD card, but you can’t use if for anything but data. It is true! Can you think of a good reason why Google would have prevented that? 1418 other people who starred the issue can’t either.

Issue 1416: Bluetooth DUN/tethering support (12/1/2008)

For more than 2 years people have been asking for native tethering support, to no avail. The Nexus One still can’t do that, and I was not able to get the 3rd party app to work that is mentioned in the comments (PDANet), neither via USB nor Bluetooth.

Issue 4784: Google credentials don’t unlock phone after failing too many pattern attempts (11/14/2009)

This issue was created to replace an older one – Issue 3006 – that was closed by Google without a fix. It goes back to 6/15/2009. The issue was not reviewed, there is no solution, and there is no fix date. Some users apparently were able to use a work-around.

Issue 4653: Android 2.0 – Ringer & Notifications Randomly Stop Coming Through Speaker, Only Audible Through Earpiece (11/10/2009)

A phone that does not ring is worthless, you think? They are still charging $529 for it, though. Now seriously, several issues with the ringer have been reported, and this is one of them. Apparently when something is unplugged from the audio jack, the audio output is not switched back to the speaker.

Issue 5337: 2.0.1 on Motorola Droid Breaks Exchange Calendar/Contact Syncs
Issue 4428: Need Microsoft Outlook email/calendar synch with enterprise-strength encryption/security
Issue 4757: Exchange Calendar does not allow for scheduler to see availability of attendees.
Issue 2229: Calendar: Deleting one instance of a recurring event (excluding), results in duplication of it.
Issue 3684: Calendar – Recurring events created in the distant past do not show on phone

The above is a small selection of issues related to calendar synchronization. If it was not for the next one, this would be my number one.

Not in the issue log, but an issue nevertheless, are the reported 3G data connection problems. I see this on my device as well, but I live in a rural area and I don’t know what I am supposed to get here, in terms of 3G quality. The fact that there are a mere 1000-something comments to this forum posting can only mean that most people don’t know what 3G means, or don’t care. I use my phone mostly at home or in the office, and I have a Wifi connection in both places. When I am in the car, I focus on driving. I guess time will tell if the 3G issue affects the way I use my phone.

As someone who works in software development and deals with tools and processes every day that are very similar to the Android issue log, I am incredulous that Google expects its customers to become software testers and developers. The process does not even seem to work. Issue 2000 was logged a year ago. The person reported that the Market search was broken when the German locale was in use. I was unable to recreate the issue, but the it is still listed as as open. Does anybody ever update the issue log?

With so many critical issues unresolved for such a long time, and no visibility into the internal decision making process and the prioritization (it seems that issues that affect Google apps get resolved faster than others), users need to hunker down and “be in it for the long haul”.
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