Android ghost touch


Hello all, I’m new to this forum. I just bought my TF700T on 9/20 and right away I started experiencing weird behavior with the Notification Panel popping up randomly. Since this is my first Asus tablet, I thought there was some sort of setting that was causing this. When I didn’t find anything to fix this problem (including a factory reset and cold boot) I called Asus Support who had me do a Data Wipe. That didn’t fix the issue either. The tech told me that he spoke to his supervisor who said with in 24 – 72 hrs they are expecting to push Jelly Bean out to the TF700T tablets. (Yeah I know, I wasn’t about to hold my breathe for that one. May have told me that to get me off the phone and it worked for a while lol.) Anyway, I wasn’t actually sure that it was a software issue so I continued to investigate – looking in the settings, etc… Under Developer options I found ‘Show touches’ so I checked that off and went out to the main screen and watched it for a few minutes without touching the screen. Sure enough, after a few minutes I saw a little white dot appear on the bottom right corner or the screen, near the android clock, and then the Notification Panel came up. I called ASUS Support back and told another Tech what I found and he said I should call the store I bought the tablet from and return it for another one. I think personally that this is a hardware issue that even if they do send Jelly Bean out, (I doubt they will) it won’t fix my problem. Is this a common issue with Asus Transformer Infinity tablets? I’m not sure that I want to get an exchange and wind up with the same issue on the replacement tablet. What would you do? Exchange or Refund? The Ghost touch video is below…

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