Android gingerbread green color code


The Evil Android Desltop

Readers Ammar Githam required our evil days to heart making this excellent searching, informative desltop.

We’ll allow him to describe:

I personalized my homescreen to really make it look simple, neat and wise, also it goes well using the Gingerbread green color. I am while using stock Gingerbread OS on my small Samsung Universe SL with GO Launcher Ex because the launcher. I’m not using many icons on my small screen as I like the wallpaper. The Evil Android underneath the torn layer.

I have mainly stored all of the Internet applications around the center screen. I personally use Plain and simple Text for that date. You are able to tap the date to spread out any calendar application. I have not stored any clock widget because the time is definitely there within the notification bar. The black circle within the center may be the Circle Launcher for additional Internet applications that we avoid using frequently but ought to be accessible rapidly basically do need them. I additionally use Switch Professional for that Data connection and Bluetooth widget.

Around the left screen, I again use Plain and simple Text for that battery. You are able to tap the widget to spread out battery Usage screen. I have stored this screen for a few things i avoid many occasions per day (eg. Keep a security, Calculate things, or update or download a brand new application) but simultaneously they should not be far after i need them.

The best screen screen is perfect for other utilities that we use regularly. I personally use Phantom Music Control for that music widget, which controls PowerAmp.

Though PowerAmp features its own icons, I could not make individuals fit correctly in the region I needed as well as you will find no skins readily available for individuals icons. So I am while using Phantom Music Control widget because it gives choices for personalization including skins.

The symbols aren’t incorporated with any GO Launcher theme. I discovered a number of them on the web and others I have photoshopped. I made the wallpaper merging the Evil Android wallpaper that we available on Lifehacker and the other from DeviantArt.

Have you got an incredible, tweaked-into-oblivion home or lock screen of your that you might want to talk about? Proceed and publish it around the #homescreenshowcase forum having a description of methods you managed to get also it might be the following featured desltop.

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