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I have a number of domains that I use google apps for. While I could easily sync my email from those accounts, I could never get the calendars to sync. I’d read that if you share your google apps calendar with your gmail login, you could get the calendars to sync but that never worked 100% for me. Today I finally figured out how to get it to sync properly.

After a quick search, I ran across a forum thread about how Android treats the Gmail and Mail applications differently. The Gmail application could sync calendars if you chose your google apps login rather than your gmail login when setting up the phone. The problem was that you could only setup one Gmail account that way and switching from one google login to another was problematic.

The thread was a couple of years old which made me wonder if the “one account” limitation had been fixed. I’m running Android 2.3.4 on an HTC Sensation from T-Mobile. If you have a different Android version or provider, YMMV. Apparently google did fix the limitation and you can add as many google accounts to your phone as you would like.

Here’s what you do:

Go into Accounts and Sync
Add Account
Select “Google” as the account type
Input your username (i.e. google apps email address) and password.
After it authenticates, the “sync calendar” option should be checked.

At this point, your calendar should be sync’d to the phone. Basically you will end up with a “Google” account that syncs your calendar and a “Mail” account that syncs your email (The mail account would have been setup previously).

Seems a little silly to me that Google’s own phone O/S can’t wire together the calendar and email parts of a Google app account…

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