Android google now cards


To see the Google Now cards which are awaiting you at any particular time, swipe up from the foot of your phone, or touch the Google Search bar on any Desltop.

Google Now shows cards when they are that appears to be helpful and relevant in line with the moment as well as your current location. To grow that search and obtain additional ones, touch Show more cards at the end from the primary Now screen.

When you are carried out with a card, just swipe it off to write it off in the Now screen. Don’t be concerned – it seems again whenever a new update can be obtained.
Edit card configurations

To alter the configurations for a person Google Now card:

Touch Menu> Configurations around the card.

In the bottom right corner from the Google Now screen, touch Menu > Configurations > Google Now.

The Google Now configurations screen seems, where one can turn a particular card Off or on or adjust its configurations.

Once you switch off a card, it will not appear whenever you launch Google Now.
Dismiss cards

To dismiss a card in the Google Now screen, swipe it away. The credit card will return next time it’s relevant, which might be hrs or days from now.
Adjust notices

Whenever a card includes a new update, you’ll get a notification towards the top of your screen. You are able to pull lower the notices shade to spread out the credit card or dismiss the notification.

Most notices for Google Now cards could be switched off or set to low or standard priority. Low priority notices appear at the end from the notices shade with no additional signal. Standard notices look like others, in chronological order, and you may set vibration along with a ring-tone to accompany them.

To create notices to low or standard priority for a person card that supports both options:

Touch Menu> Configurations once the card seems.

In the lower right corner from the Google Now screen, touch Menu > Configurations > Google Now > card title > and adjust the configurations under Notices.

To alter ring-tone and vibrate choices for all standard notices, begin with the Google Now screen, touch Menu > Configurations > Google Now, and adjust the choices under

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