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Android: If you are an Android user who’s interested in Google’s Tasks to-do manager, a beta application can provide you with offline access and syncing towards the tasks you’ve stored away in Gmail, Google Calendar, or iGoogle.

Google Tasks continues to have a methods to use being a globally helpful to-do manager, but when there is a Google-syncing phone in your wallet, and should not quite swing the $25/year for Recall the Milk’s great application, it could just be the very best task manager you’ll really use. gTasks beta is a very, rather easy view at the tasks, providing the task title, notes, and deadline for every. You can handle your tasks offline and sync your changes to Google, and … that’s about this, at the moment. On the other hand, Google Tasks itself does not offer much more functionality, even just in its Android-friendly mobile version.

gTasks Beta is really a download free for Android phones with Google syncing (a.k.a. using the “Google Experience”). Thanks Neil!

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