Android gps accuracy value


Every GPS models give small errors. Most models are accurate to plus or minus 10 metres, though some is often as accurate as plus or minus 2 metres. Their accuracy falls should they have a restricted look at heaven – for instance if you’re under trees or through the side of the high cliff.

Every reading through the GPS receiver takes is susceptible to the errors, therefore the GPS doesn’t know when you’re standing still because its blood pressure measurements still show some fluctuation. To beat this ViewRanger just uses the GPS heading once the speed is greater than a tolerance. To have an accurate GPS a tolerance of .5km/h could be good, however for less accurate products a tolerance of just one.5km/h is much more appropriate. ViewRanger may also average successive heading blood pressure measurements to lessen the little GPS errors.


1 Stationary Speed
2 Setting the Stationary Speed and Heading Samples values
3 Heading Samples
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Stationary Speed

Stationary Speed sets the cheapest GPS speed where you’re regarded as stationary. If you’re stationary then ViewRanger doesn’t update the heading before you start moving again. If you walk north, stop and switch around to manage south, the heading provided by ViewRanger continues to be North.

When the Stationary Speed is placed to at least one.5km each hour, then ViewRanger will consider you to definitely be stationary when the GPS receiver reviews a speed of 1kmph, but moving whether it reviews 2kmph.

This figure is dependent around the accuracy of the GPS receiver as well as on current conditions – for any receiver with SiRF you may have the ability to make use of a figure of .5kmph, however for a less sophisticated receiver a figure of 2kmph is needed.
Setting the Stationary Speed and Heading Samples values

Normally the default configurations don’t need to be transformed, but when you discover the heading changes when you’re stationary, or the other way around, then adjust Stationary Speed or Heading Samples.

Avoid this while walking or moving.

When the you’re from time to time getting issues with heading, then either visit Configurations > GPS configurations > Stationary Speed and increase its value, or boost the Configurations > GPS configurations > Heading Samples setting.

Repeat the adjustment before the heading stays constant once the GPS isn’t moving.

Avoid using large amounts, values under 3.0km/h ought to be sufficient – when you purchase 30.0km/h you will have to walk at this speed prior to the heading updates.
Heading Samples

Specify time that ViewRanger should sample to sort out your heading, removing out any errors. For any very accurate GPS receiver you can reduce it to at least one second, which may result in the heading more responsive. For any poor GPS or poor conditions (for example tree cover) you very well may increase it to 4 seconds to average the errors but allow it to be less responsive.

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