Android gyroscope api example


I’m sure this has been asked here many times but, are there any examples on the Internet about gyroscope Android development. Because the Gyroscope intrigues me and I think it could make for a pretty good thing to work with. I am just guessing the Samsung Galaxy S has a gyroscope, right? I hope so. Again though, my main need is for a tutorial, maybe even a good android programming tutorial/book (not just gyroscope related). I learned Java just for the purpose of Android development. I already knew C and a little OBJ-C so learning Java took a few weeks. So, one more time does anyone know any really good tutorials/books for Android development (I found a few tutorials on you-tube but their quality were so terrible I couldn’t follow along) and maybe a good gyroscope tutorial for Android and a list of Android phones that have gyroscope built-in.

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