Android has a dude problem


Android has a ‘Dude’ Problem

Lady Geek Founder Belinda Parmar to say that the Android platform has ignored women, at the forthcoming Droidcon event

London, October 14th 2010: The Droidcon event ( will hear that the Android platform has a ‘dude’ problem and is the preserve of the ‘man-geek’. This analysis is based on a recent Lady Geek survey, conducted with YouGov Sixth Sense, of 78,835 people in the UK.
Belinda Parmar
Belinda Parmar

The survey highlighted that very few women know or care about what Android is or how it can benefit their lives. In fact less than half as many women would choose an Android handset as their next phone compared to men.

– When asked which smartphone they would choose, less than 5% of women (25-39) picked a Google/Android phone compared to 11.4% of men in the same age band.

“Android provides a perfect example of how not to market a platform to women, and so the Android experience has become irrelevant to more than half of the population,” said Belinda Parmar, Founder of Lady Geek and Lady Geek TV, a marketing agency that helps companies understand and sell to women.

“I know that this may come as a shock to the attendees at Droidcon and I’m prepared for the rotten tomatoes to be thrown, but it is true that Android has a ‘dude’ problem,” continued Parmar.

“Android has a ‘Dude’ Problem” will be presented at Droidcon by Belinda Parmar of Lady Geek on Friday 29th October at 1:40pm.

Droidcon is an industry conference for discussing and appreciating the best of business, design and development on the Android platform. Bringing together key members of the Open Handset Alliance and hundreds of talented developers under one roof, the two day event is aimed at everyone with an interest in Android, with sessions covering development, UX design, business and available SDK/APIs.

Both days will feature amazing technologies and demonstrations from partners and sponsors including Orange, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson Labs and Qualcomm. As well as presentations from the likes of Accumulate, TigerSpike, Ribot, RNIB, AdMob and Hyperbees.

Droidcon takes place on the 28th & 29th of October in the Islington Business Design Centre. It is aimed at anyone with an interest in the future of Android or thinking that now is the time to take a look.

Tickets are only £199.98 inclusive of VAT & fees and are available from

More about Droidcon

Day 1 – Thursday 28th October
A ‘barcamp’ style day with delegates invited to present short talks based on their professional interests. There will also be an official Android bootcamp delivered by Google personnel, offering sessions for developers, and an App Circus with pitches in front of a panel of respected industry experts.

Day 2 – Friday 29th October
A traditional conference day, with keynote presentations and sessions devoted to the best in current Android development, design and business. Leading international mobile app business specialists from around the globe will be sharing tips and experience.

Conference highlights for developers:
− Reuse models from renowned tutor and author Mark Murphy.
− Google’s Reto Meir presenting the best development tips and tricks.
− Aaron Miller from Couch DB speaking about synchronised mobile services.
− Wireless data expert Nick Hunn on why Android is being installed in much more than just phones
− Also featuring talks on tablet considerations and the latest in mobile security from the European Network and Information Security Agency.

Conference highlights for designers:
− Google’s Roman Nurik will be discussing excellence in user experiences.
− Deutsche Telekom’s Fee Beyer on designing viable app concepts from ideas.
− UI & UX director at TigerSpike, Greg Taylor will be discussing tablet interfaces.
− Jerome Ribot from Brighton based mobile design specialists Ribot will be discussing considerations for mCommerce in their lauded Tesco App.
− Seb Lee commenting on AIR 2.5 and Flash
− Sight impaired design advice from Robin Spinks at the RNIB, Robin Spinks

Conference highlights for all mobile business:
− AdMob’s Russell Buckley advising on techniques to maximise revenues.
− Scoreloop’s Volker Hirsch commenting on leveraging social media and the economics of App development.
− The Apps publisher Hyperbees, Tom Mleko speaking about varying business approaches.
− Iris Lapinski from the Apps for Good project.

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About Lady Geek
Lady Geek ( helps businesses sell technology to women. We are a marketing and design consultancy. Our team consists of marketing and research experts, industrial designers and gender experts.

The Lady Geek TV App show ( is a new show designed to navigate through the very hundred and thousand smartphone apps out there to bring you the very best in apps. Our approach is to show you phone apps which will really make a practical difference to your life, not just bells and whistles which you’ll use once and then forget.

About Droidcon
The Droidcon London event is produced by Humanoid Events Ltd. London. Anyone with an interest in the future of Android or quite rightly thinking now is the time to take a look, really should not miss this event.

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