Android health apps diabetes management


Diabetic patients needs special care as well as special attention to their health , food ( diet ) , medication , diabetes complications . For Diabetic patients who uses android , there is few applications are converting android phones to Diabetic patient`s assistant .

1-OnTrack Diabetes – Free by GExperts Inc :
OnTrack is an application to help diabetics manage their diabetes by tracking various items such as glucose, exercise, food, medication and weight. Features include:
– easy to use interface
– supports mmo/l and mg/dl
– graphs and reports
– export to CSV,HTML,XML
– set low and high glucose ranges

2-Food Street Diabetes – Free :
Help cooking food that does not affect diabetic patients .

3-Body sugar – $1.99 :
Body Sugar is monitoring blood sugar, weight, exercise, food, and calories balance. Good for diabet type 1 and 2 with humalog injections and medication entries.

4-eDiabetes Pro $1.99 :
Help in controlling diabetes by how to exercise, diet, insulin doses and unexpected events affect blood glucose levels.

5-Diabetes $0.99 :
An educational flash card for diabetes ( Type I and Type II ) .

6-AgileDiabetes $0.99 :
Used to Track Diabetes , through blood glucose readings .

7-DiabetesManager $5.00 :

Allows users to save, view (charts+tables), and export (CSV files) diabetes and general health data. Measurement types: exercise, meals, glucose, HbA1c, humalog, lantus, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and subjective general health.

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