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Are you currently getting trouble achieving your workout goals? I have discovered that smartphone applications might help me improve my dieting and exercise programs, but I am always searching for that extra boost to help keep me motivated and maximize my training time. During the last few years I’ve examined twelve different applications to trace my running, but lately I made the decision to test a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

After checking the net and reading through a lot of reviews, I went ahead and bought the Zephyr HxM. During the last handful of days I drenched 60 miles using the Zephyr and today I am prepared to share my ideas.

The Great

Suitable for many Android applications: The Zephyr HxM works together with many Android fitness applications including Runtastic, Endomondo, SportsTracker, My Tracks, Sporty Friend, and much more. Track walking, running, biking or any action you may do.

Easy setup and instant on: It paired to my Android phone without any problems and that i haven’t yet experience any connection problems when working out. The Zephy HxM instantly activates whenever you snap it to the chest strap.

Continuous real-time feedback: The good thing of exercising using the Zephyr HxM may be the real-time feedback supplied by 3rd-party applications. Most applications give a voice coach that may warn you whenever you change heart rate zones or report your heart rate on the set interval.

Charging cradle consists of lights to exhibit when system is fully billed.

Rechargeable battery: Zephyr features a USB charging cradle within the box. The built-in battery lasts as much as 26 hrs useful. It may be billed to 90% in one hour, and 100% in 3 hrs.

Lightweight design: Zephyr’s patented Wise Fabric Technology supplies a comfortable fit. The elastic chest strap can be adjusted, therefore it should fit most physical structure (as much as 40 inches).

Machine washable: The chest area strap can get sweaty and smelly, therefore it is a positive thing you are able to clean it. Alternative straps could be purchased online for approximately $19.

The Zephyr HxM button snaps easily button snaps in to the chest strap.

one year warranty: Zephyr will replace, repair, or refund the product if it doesn’t work correctly under normal use and care conditions.

Better reviews compared to Polar WearLink+: If this involves Android fitness applications, two of the most supported heart rate monitors are Zephyr and Polar. My research demonstrated the Polar WearLink+ received lots of poor reviews from smartphone proprietors who were not impressed with connection issues with the unit.
The Not-so-good

No official applications: You will find lots of 3rd-part applications that actually work using the Zephyr HxM, but it might be nice to determine Zephyr produce a few of their own Android applications.

USB charger not incorporated: My package incorporated a USB charging cradle, but it didn’t include a USB charger. Fortunately I’d a few extra throughout the house, but this ought to be incorporated for that cost you’re having to pay.

Cost: The Zephyr HxM costs around $75 on Amazon . com, which causes it to be one of the most costly Bluetooth heart rate monitors. Watches that monitor your heart rate could be bought for half that cost, however they will not connect with your smartphone.
Final Words

The Zephyr HxM and USB charging cradle.

The Zephyr HxM exceeded my anticipation and that i discovered that heart rate training is a terrific way to enhance your performance, and track your fitness. I have trained for a long time using fitness applications, however i discovered that adding a heart rate monitor would be a great inspirational aid also it assisted me achieve my workout goals.

Your results with vary using the Android application that you select, but I have used Runtastic Professional and that i thought it was was an ideal companion for that Zephyr HxM. The application will help you monitor your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate, after which instantly setup your heart rate zones.

Heart rate zones.

I discovered that running in various heart rate zones was ideal for intense interval training workouts (HIIT). I have attempted this kind of training before, however it was sometimes difficult to maintain the periods of ultra-intense exercise and relaxation. When I am running using the Zephyr HxM, I simply pay attention to my heart also it informs me when I have to fire up my pace so when I have to relaxation.

Since I Have began training last month, I have lost 10 pounds and decreased my body system body fat percentage a few points. Which was the effect of a many things together with a reduced calorie diet and weight lifting, however the Zephyr HxM performed a large role in motivating me to help keep running.

If you’ve been trying to get fit coupled with difficulty remaining motivated, I’d certainly recommend the Zephyr HxM.

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