Android hide status bar honeycomb



Android pills have a system bar at the end that’s always visible. Within the systembar you will find controls to maneuver back, to maneuver towards the desltop and also to show all running programs. The machine bar also shows the time, notices and configurations.

Android canrrrt do without it bar, because the user should always be capable of click the back button. There’s no physical button to return, therefore the status bar should always be shown. Yet, you will find occasions the consumer wants will have the additional screen estate taken through the system bar. For example when playing a film or a game title. It’s also a really nice companion to have an e-readers or while reading through a pdf.

Hide Bar can sort out this. When running the Hide Bar service, a symbol is going to be obtainable in the status bar. When hitting this, a notification is going to be proven. When the notification is chosen, the bar will hide itself. Once the statusbar is required again, a swipe at the end from the screen brings the systembar back on the top. To assist using the navigation inside application, there’s a hidden back button, I refer to it as the ghost back button. You are able to enable this in the configurations.

The program should focus on all rooted android pills. Both HoneyComb and Frozen Treats Sandwich are supported. The latest android version, Jelly Bean has become also supported. Some products likewise need BusyBox installed.

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