Android home automation software


Android Applications for Home Control

Applications to manage Lights, Thermostat and Home appliances Making Use Of Your Android Device

Google has introduced that it’s joining the home control arena with android@home. It has produced a buzz within the home control industry not since this is a brand new concept but as this means the adoption of the idea of home control is on your journey to mainstream awareness. Now many people hearing this news will all of a sudden feel a burning itch to make use of their Android phone to manage their home. You will be disappointed to uncover that they’ll have the ability to control is really a Brought lamp. How about CFL or incandescent lights, thermostats, fans, motors, IR products, 220v loads? Well fortunately it’s not necessary to wait years of these items being readily available for your Android you can purchase and control them today.

We have come up with a listing of Android applications which will turn your Android phone or tablet right into a handheld remote control for that your home. To be able to get began you will need an INSTEON controller. The applications listed in this article will indicate which controller it works with. Additionally towards the controller, you will also need INSTEON controlled products for anything you like to manage within the home. Here are a few popular INSTEON items:

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