Android honeycomb lights out mode


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The program rocks !! Possibly a payment plan would be to bare this version free for individuals to try out after which have people purchase the version which will support custom styles?

Anyways, I simply possess a more compact feature request. Many programs make use of the &ldquolights out mode&rdquo, where on Honeycomb, the status bar is dim. For example, the YouTube application and many video gamers do that when viewing something entirely screen. All buttons, symbols and also the clock around the status bar become small, round dots that draw attention away from much less. It might be awesome to make use of this mode in TouchOSC, if at all possible. :)
Android 3. is really a latest version from the Android platform that’s particularly enhanced for products with bigger screen dimensions, particularly pills. It introduces a completely new, truly virtual and &ldquoholographic&rdquo UI design, plus an elegant, content-focused interaction model.
Over the system and in most programs, customers have fast access to notices, system status, and soft navigation buttons inside a System Bar, available at the end from the screen. The Machine Bar is definitely present and it is a vital touchpoint for customers, however in a brand new &ldquolights out mode&rdquo may also be lowered for full-screen viewing, such for videos.

Action Bar, for application control

In each and every application, customers get access to contextual options, navigation, icons, or other kinds of content within an Action Bar, displayed towards the top of the screen. The Experience Bar is definitely present when a credit card applicatoin is being used, although its content, theme, along with other qualities are handled through the application as opposed to the system. The Experience Bar is yet another key touchpoint for customers, particularly with action products as well as an overflow dropdown menu, which customers frequently access in the same way in many programs.

Easy to customize Homepages

Easy to customize Homepages Five easy to customize Homepages give customers immediate access to any or all areas of the machine from the context. Each screen provides a large power grid that keeps spatial arrangement in most orientations. Customers can choose and manipulate Desltop icons, application cutting corners, and wallpapers utilizing a devoted visual layout mode. Visual cues and drop shadows improve visibility when modifying design of cutting corners and icons. Each Desltop also provides a familiar launcher for use of all installed programs, in addition to a Search engine for universal search of applications, contacts, media files, content, and much more.

Recent Applications, for simple visual multitasking

Multitasking is really a key strength of Android also it is the central Android 3. experience. As customers launch programs to deal with various tasks, they are able to make use of the Recent Applications list within the System Bar to determine the duties going ahead and rapidly jump in one application context to a different. To assist customers quickly find out the task connected with every application, their email list shows an overview of their actual condition once the user last seen it.

Remodeled keyboard

The Android soft keyboard is remodeled to create entering text fast and accurate on bigger screen dimensions. The secrets are reformed and repositioned for enhanced focusing on, and new secrets happen to be added, like a Tab key, to supply more potent and much more efficient text input. Customers can touch-hold secrets to gain access to menus of special figures and switch text/voice input modes from the button within the System Bar.

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