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Hello all. Just wondering if there’s an application available for that HTC Rezound that enables you to produce a free wi-fi compatability hotspot (such as the a large number of applications that actually work for other phones). I do not mind having to pay for that application, but spending 30/mo to large red-colored for something I’ll hardly use would suckThanks, but the only issue with this particular is I must use bluetooth mode, which will not work with me since i am attempting to connect my wife’s iPad and to be able to use foxfi I would need to jail break the iPad (which I’d rather not do)

You are able to let the Portable Wi-fi compatability HotSpot or Wi-fi compatability Tethering.
You are able to let the embedded Portable Wi-fi compatability HotSpot with this particular application. This can be a shortcut tool.
* Some customers report Samsung S2 will not use this application, but S3 works. If you are using S2, do not download this application.
* Call the embedded wi-fi compatability ththering (Wi-fi compatability Hotspot) configurations, it may avoid wasting steps than traditional procedures.
* Share your online with other device via wi-fi compatability connection.
* App2SD support
*Some countries’ wireless company charges you for that tether service. However, many service providers will not get it done. Please request the phone call center of the wireless operator for those who have this problem.
*You might wait for while because of download the FAQ web data in the server.

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