Android hp touchpad camera


The HP TouchPad was introduced a while ago, but it didn’t have the ability to last the length on the market whatsoever. No mister, actually, the HP TouchPad was drawn off store shelves, virtual as well as in brick-and-mortar stores, departing it as being a legacy device in which a small group have handled to create different levels of effective tries to port over different os’s towards the HP TouchPad. Android was one of these, and so far, nobody has handled to obtain the front-facing camera to utilize Android running around the HP TouchPad – a minimum of not so far.

Developer Dorregaray handled to develop a custom, unofficial form of CyanogenMod 9 for that HP TouchPad, where partial support for that camera continues to be tossed in to the mix. In plain British, which means that you will find still bugs within the software, although you’ll be able to take advantage from the built-in camera application to preview pictures and take pictures. Ignore 3rd party applications like Skype benefiting from the leading-facing camera, as that ain’t happening in the near future. Something is definitely an improvement on nothing, right?

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