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The CyanogenMod team has launched a brand new build of Google Android for that HP TouchPad. Named initially shipped with webOS 3. software, but recently several designers effectively ported Google Android to operate on HP’s stopped tablet.

CyanogenMod 7.1 Alpha 3 includes numerous updates and bug fixes, including:

The &ldquosleep of dying&rdquo problem which triggered named to neglect to resume from sleep ought to be gone.
Wi-fi compatability should are more effective.
There’s preliminary support for that HP TouchPad 4G.
The status bar should use less system assets when running full screen applications.

This really is still an alpha build, and it is still a little rough round the edges. For example, your camera continues to be enhanced, however it still does not work perfectly when you are running Android. Alpha 3 also appears introducing a brand new bug: whenever you connect earphones named speaker will shut lower, however, you will not have the ability to hear any audio inside your earphones. So continue but be careful, and when you are pleased with Alpha 2 and extremely need working earphones, you will possibly not wish to update at this time.

If you are setting up CyanogenMod 7.1 Alpha 3 on your own on the TouchPad tablet running webOS, you will want to grab the brand new ROM in the RootzWiki forum after which follow our step-by-step instructions. The most recent ROM is known as

Situations are much simpler if you are already running Alpha 1 or Alpha 2 in your tablet and you’ve got ensured to set up ClockworkMod Recovery. Here’s all you need to do:

Download in the RootzWiki forum. You may either download it on your tablet or on your pc after which copy it for your tablet.
Make certain the ZIP file is situated in your Sdcard.
While running Android in your TouchPad, press and contain the energy button after which choose the &ldquoreboot&rdquo option.
Tap the choice to &ldquoReboot to Recovery.&rdquo
Your tablet should reboot to ClockworkMod Recovery.
Make use of the volume buttons to visit the option that states &ldquoinstall zip from sdcard.&rdquo
Press the house button to choose.
Make use of the home button to choose &ldquochoose zip from sdcard.&rdquo
Make use of the volume secrets to visit the file you would like. Whether it’s within the root directory of the Sdcard, just scroll lower before you think it is after which press the house button. Otherwise, visit the folder you would like, press the place to find go into the folder, after which press the place to find choose the file.
Once you have selected the ZIP file, scroll lower using the volume buttons until you’re able to &ldquoYes.&rdquo
Press the house button to use the update.
After Alpha 3 is completed setting up, you should use the amount buttons to scroll lower to &ldquoGo Back&rdquo and pressing it before you begin to see the choice to &ldquoreboot system now&rdquo and press the house button to reboot.

There you have it. Now you are running CyanogenMod 7.1 Alpha 3 around the HP TouchPad. It ought to provide an infinitely more stable experience.

You may also make use of the same ACMEInstaller tool you accustomed to install Android around the TouchPad to begin with to set up the update. Just follow our steps for setting up Alpha 2, but make use of the new file rather. However ,, there is no reason to not only use ClockworkMod. It’s faster and simpler, and you may perform the whole factor with no computer.

You may also take a look at a few of the other configurations in ClockworkMod to complete perform actions for example creating a complete backup of the device (which could prove useful contrary goes completely wrong), or wiping the Dalvik cache (that is frequently advisable before flashing a brand new ROM, although not entirely necessary when flashing an update like Alpha 3).

Some customers have experienced issues with Wi-fi compatability neglecting to work after improving from Alpha 2 to Alpha 3. The answer appears to become to get rid of your overall Wi-fi compatability configurations and reboot your device.

In other HP TouchPad Android news, developer fattire has began trying to bring Android 4. Frozen Treats Sandwich to HP’s tablet… but he states it’ll be a couple of several weeks before it really works good enough to produce a public alpha.

At this time he is able to boot to some lock screen, however the touch screen is not working, so there is no method to unlock the unit and employ it yet.

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