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Power Controls is definitely an advanced, customisable power control widget for Android homescreens. It appears good, is easy to use, comes with a lot of options and could be personalized to be along with any homescreen configuration or theme.

Cost: Free

Examined on: HTC One X
Content Rating: Low Maturity Android Application Review:
Pros & Cons:


Nicely designed UI!
Plenty of toggle options!
Easy to use!


Could be nice to determine different widget dimensions.


If there is a homescreen application that’s perennially well-liked by Android customers, it is the humble power control widget. They’re rarely sexy, but functionality-smart they are really handy to possess. Usually some toggles that really help you rapidly change Wi-Fi status, Bluetooth, Syncing, etc., it’s a much more convenient way to change your most-used configurations. You will find a number of these such applications within the Google Play Store and lots of native ROMs feature one anyway. However, while they are helpful, they aren’t particularly customisable. This is when Power Controls changes things.

Android customers love modifying their homescreens, to the stage where community websites like MyColorScreen have grown to be really popular. It seems sensible then that practical and popular icons could be customised to match any theme. Power Controls not just allows you add any one of a large number of toggles, but additionally allows you customise all of the colours background tint, default colour, busy/unknown colour and active colour. These colours purport towards the condition from the particular toggle, so it’s not hard to see what’s active, etc.

The plethora of toggle options is extremely impressive and reflects more recent technologies for example NFC. Even though you are only able to have 8 toggles per widget, you are able to choose from mobile data, network, multimedia, display along with other miscellaneous toggles for example expensive light, battery and Gps navigation. In most you will find 27 different toggles to select from, that is pretty comprehensive by all accounts. You could have multiple icons too, so why wouldn’t you possess a separate one for music controls, one for network configurations and so forth.

Power Controls is totally free and is not full of any advertising either. It has a gorgeous ‘Holo’ theme towards the UI and also the fact you are able to change a number of colours means it may look wonderful no matter your homescreen theme. So, in case your power control widget looks a bit unnatural, or just like a blot of ink with an otherwise pristine page, it’s worth looking at Power Controls and obtain personalising!

Power Controls – On homescreen
Power Controls – On homescreen

Power Controls – Application dashboard
Power Controls – Application dashboard

Power Controls – Widget creation interface
Power Controls – Widget creation interface

Power Controls – Colour selection
Power Controls – Colour selection

Power Controls – Edit widget screen
Power Controls – Edit widget screen

Power Controls – Application configurations
Power Controls – Application configurations


Incredibly helpful on two fronts. Besides the application allow you to have fast homescreen use of your most preferred configurations, you may also personalize the look to match your tastes. Sadly there’s just one widget size (4&times1), but when your homescreen supports it you may have the ability to re-size it once placed.
Simplicity of use:

Power Controls is actually simple to use. There’s an interactive preview pane towards the top of the screen which means you always see exactly what the widget may be like.
Commonly Used:

This really is something which is dependent greatly around the user. With the plethora of toggles available, however, it may be something you utilize more often that previous power control icons.

The interface has that awesome Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean Holo design into it, so looks very polished and smooth.

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