Android imageview scaletype matrix example


I’m presently developing for Android (my first application) a credit card applicatoin which allows customers begin to see the subway map and have the ability to pinch zoom and drag around.

I’m presently modifying the code present in Hello Android, 3rd Edition and also got the pinch zooming and dragging to operate. I am using Matrix as my layout scale.

However are in possession of 3 problems:

I attempted lots of things to limit the drag parameters however i can’t appear to prevent it being pulled from the parent view (and may really disappear from view). I have attempted setting layout parameters within the XML file also it just does not work.

I’m able to pinch zoom fine however i have trouble, again, restricting the quantity of zoom. I am performing around with setting a max_zoom and min_zoom to limit the scaling value (i’ll publish my code after)

I additionally have trouble attempting to map a coordinate on my small image to ensure that people can click song (the entire reason for this really is to allow customers click a station into the spotlight and examine details about it)

I’ve got a feeling i am getting trouble because I am while using matrix scale.

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