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Japanese Input on Android Phones

Using the discharge of the very first Google Android phones in Japan from NTT Docomo, you will find finally phones with Google’s native Japanese keyboard input. The laptop keyboard has developed in the SDK, however it hasn’t made an appearance on any mobile phone models within the U.S. yet. I haven’t been capable of finding any details about when non-Japanese Android phones will have the ability to make use of the Japanese keyboard input.

Until there’s a local Japanese keyboard input, the only real functional choice is the Simeji Japanese keyboard input. Simeji is really a Japanese input application that allows you switch input modes quickly between British and Japanese. It offers multiple Japanese input modes, such as the standard keitai-style mode. Underneath the phone configurations you are able to configure the laptop keyboard for your preferences. I favor the vibrate on touch choice to keep your Japanese input mode feel like the default British keyboard around the HTC Hero.

The greatest downside of Simeji is it is definitely an application. As it is not really a native area of the OS, it needs time to work to load any time you toggle the laptop keyboard. There’s several lag when typing sometimes. It is usually running without anyone’s knowledge prepared to be toggled to, however it never seems like it’s an important part of the phone’s OS.

Another downside of using Japanese input on Android is it doesn’t work with texts. You are able to input Japanese and sent texts you simply can’t read any messages you obtain. I’m not sure if this sounds like an issue with Sprint’s network or American texts generally, but it’s an issue. I’m able to understand a mature phone getting problems receiving Japanese texts. But from Android to Android I expect better. Between Android phones you could use Google Talk, but there’s no be certain that the individual you’re texting has notices switched on for Talk, whereas with texts that’s almost guaranteed.

Simeji works&mdashfor probably the most part&mdashand is loaded with lots of configuration options. It’s great that somebody has produced this application because there’s a necessity for this. However the native Android Japanese input keyboard ought to be distributed around all Android phones. The apple iphone will get this right Google should too.

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