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50 Android Jelly Bean tips, methods and hints

Jelly Bean might not be exactly the same huge step forward as Frozen Treats Sandwich, however it still brings lots of additional features and functionality towards the operating-system.

A number of these are enhancements towards the level of smoothness of rendering around the device – it even briefly enhances the CPU once the screen’s switched on to create things super clever and fast. Google dubs these little performance and software enhancements to be “buttery”, assumedly mentioning with a nice spreadable Lurpak as opposed to a hard hunk of congealed milk.

Another large addition here’s Google Now. This adds personalised recommendations and knowledge according to your browsing history. Many people love its intelligent effectiveness, others hate its pervy, intrusive character.

One thing’s without a doubt though: the Siri-like voice search feature rocks !.
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As always, these pointers derive from the vanilla installing of Android, so that your mileage can vary based on the number of layers of additional “features” happen to be added from your phone or tablet’s manufacturer.
1. Say “Google” to look

If you are in the usa, you are able to open Google Now and say “Google” then your query to look the internet. If you are not in the usa, you are able to trick Android into thinking you’re. Open the configurations in your device, choose “Language and input”, then switch Google Voice Typing’s language from “Automatic” to “British (US)”. Next visit Google Now’s configurations and again alter the language to “British (US)”. You need to see “Search or say Google” in Now’s search bar. Faking a united states accent: optional.

Android Jelly bean tips
2. Now configurations

You are able to open now in 2 ways – either swipe up in the Home icon, or swipe the lock icon up once the screen is locked. When you initially start it, Now will tell you the fundamentals of the items it will, as well as demonstrate some example cards. In Now’s configurations, you will find each card features its own notices configurations, which affect both Now homescreen and also the Notification shade. Standard implies that new cards are supported with a ring-tone and vibration, Low priority places them at the end from the list with no notification, and off, well, turns them off altogether.

Android Jelly bean tips
3. Speak with Google Now

Google Now includes Siri-like functionality, delivering spoken solutions for your inane questions. Try such things as, “what time could it be in Kl?Inch, “when’s Cruise birthday I wish to send him a card?”, “how do you go back home?Inch or “could it be sunny tomorrow?” and today will speak the solution back to you or search the net for relevant pages.

Android Jelly bean tips
4. Have more Google Now cards

Google Now presents relevant information for example weather and places on “cards”. To start with it might be just a little sparse, but searching the net from the device provides you with more. Just make certain your internet history is enabled: visit, hit the configurations cog and be sure that Web History is on and never paused. Next, do a google search for favourite football teams, planned plane tickets and locations and also the relevant cards will appear instantly.

Android Jelly bean tips
5. Notification Shade

We formerly known into it because the “pully-lower menu factor”, but apparently it’s formally known as the “Notification Shade”. Niftily, certain notices within the shade could be broadened by sliding two fingers outwards in it, providing you with an introduction to the topic headers inside your email mailbox, for instance. Moving two fingers inwards on the notification nicely contracts them, too.

Android Jelly bean tips
6. Rotation lock

You are located on an airplane watching a vid in horizontal orientation. All of a sudden, the plane banks dramatically left and – not again! – the recording changes orientation. This worst-situation-scenario could be prevented by tapping the rotation secure the Notification Shade, which will keep the screen in the current orientation. Tap it again to unlock the rotation.

Android Jelly bean tips
7. Turn notices off

Install enough applications and also the notification bar towards the top of your Android device becomes digital same as an neverending stream of ticker tape. Actually, Airpush is definitely an entire advertising company which makes profit by doing this. Fortunately, every single application you put in in Jelly Bean has got the choice to turn this off. Visit its info page under Applications, uncheck this area labelled “Show notices” and revel in your empty notices bar.

Android Jelly bean tips
8. Equalise your music

The opportunity to adjust individuals all-important treble and bass configurations continues to be sorely skipped on Android products – a lot to ensure that a lot of applications happen to be designed to enable it. It’s fixed in Android’s stock very good music player, though. Open a music file within the stock player, hit Configurations then choose Equaliser. Here you will find manual slider mobile phones, a lot of presets and bass and three dimensional effects. Regrettably it does not work for the entire device, however it can give your tunes a bit more oomph.

Android Jelly bean tips
9. Arrange your house screens

Lengthy-press on any icon or widget in your homescreen and you may move it around, along with other symbols and icons will change taken care of to suit it in. Bigger icons may also be resized by lengthy-pressing and delivering them, after which dragging the circles that show up on the perimeters. It’s really quite fun and satisfying. We simply spent three hrs not doing anything however this.

Android Jelly bean tips
10. Fling to get rid of

Homescreen application clutter (surely the for the worst situation kinds of clutter) could be rapidly and simply defeated. Lengthy-press a symbol or widget, then fling it upwards and will also ascend into shortcut paradise. This will not un-install the application, though – it’ll still live in your application drawer.

Android Jelly bean tips
11. Owner info

Wait! Put lower that blunt rock you had been going to use to chisel your information into the rear of your Android device! Jelly Bean includes the opportunity to display a couple of lines of information around the lock screen, as if your current email address, title and telephone number. You will need to enable a screen lock from Security, after which you will see the dog owner info option appear. This post is shown across all Jelly Bean products, too.

Android Jelly bean tips
12. Access Application info

The all-important Application info screen – which enables you to definitely un-install, stop and disable applications – could be utilized inside a brand-new way with Jelly Bean. Pull lower the notification shade, lengthy-press with an open task and you will be taken right to the configurations page for that relevant application. It’s handy if you do not know which application displayed the notification.

Android Jelly bean tips
13. Volume controls

Now you can set the amount for the noisiest items of your Android device individually. Press the amount up or lower key and you will the familiar little slider having a configurations icon right of the. Tap this and you will see separate slider mobile phones for media, and notices and ring tones. Bonus tip: all these slider mobile phones could be, er, slid, together with your finger.

Android Jelly bean tips
14. Talkback

Created for blind and low-vision customers, Talkback offers an ongoing narration of what is shown on your phone or tablet. You are able to switch it on via Ease of access, after which you will be taken via a tutorial of their functions. It is a completely different method of moving your device, and very worthwhile to see. Additionally, it supports braille input and output products via USB and Bluetooth.

Android Jelly bean tips
15. Blink to unlock

While face unlock is wise and quick, more paranoid customers may worry that the ne’er-do-weller could in some way steal a picture of the face – or their actual face – and employ it to gain access to the unit. Android’s Liveness check necessitates the user to blink prior to the system is unlocked, stopping access if your quick eye-shut is not detected.

Android Jelly Bean tips
16. Offline speech-to-text

Having the ability to dictate lengthy and rambling texts to family members is very a classic Android feature, but it is got a great deal better by having an offline mode. Visit Google voice typing configurations under Language & input and select Download offline speech recognition. Now you’ll have the ability to dictate exceptional novel without having to be depressed by Reddit.

Android Jelly Bean tips
17. Beam it across

Android Beam works together with near-area communication (NFC) to allow fast data exchange between two products. You will need to make certain it’s enabled first – its under Wireless & systems. You’ll should also know in which the NFC area is in your device. This is not an issue for phones, but it may be nearly anywhere on the rear of a ludicrously large tablet, so perform a quick Google to discover where it’s.

Android Jelly Bean tips
18. Simple secure pairing

Simple secure pairing works alongside NFC use a fast and simple method to connect Bluetooth add-ons for example headphones, loudspeakers and keyboards. You do not really have to do anything apart from activate NFC for doing things, but make certain whatever you are pairing with is straightforward secure pairing-compatible.

Android Jelly Bean tips
19. Calendar notices

Any occasions you have been asked to via Google Calendar will display in the notices blind. Came from here you are able to expand it and rapidly send a pre-defined response (For example “I’m going to be there in ten minutesInch) or type your personal. Quick reactions could be edited from inside the overall configurations from the Calendar application itself. Ideal for you social seeing stars.

Android Jelly Bean tips
20. Gallery sights

Android snappers will like its new gallery features. Pinch on photos to zoom out right into a filmstrip mode, where all of your photos are displayed side-by-side. Swipe right and left to browse all of your button snaps rapidly, and slide up and lower on individual images to remove them. The gallery then provides you with just lots of time to understand you’ve canned the incorrect factor and undo your remove.

Android Jelly Bean tips
21. Wi-Fi savings

It’s too easy to operate up costs when you are on public or mobile Wi-fi compatability. Tethering a tablet to some phone can suck an unexpected quantity of data, and public Wi-fi compatability, for example that present in hotels, sometimes have absurdly strict usage guidelines. In Jelly Bean’s Data usage configurations you will find the choice to designate certain Wi-fi compatability systems as Mobile ‘hang-outs’, which stops background applications being able to access data and can save you lots of money. If there is another Jelly Bean device on a single network it’ll get its Mobile hotspot configurations, too.

Android Jelly Bean tips
22. Try the stock keyboard

The Swiftkey keyboard is enormously well-liked by Android customers, and permanently reason: it monitors your typing and grammatical style uses this to calculate words. Jelly Bean’s keyboard offers exactly the same functionality, using bigram conjecture and correction to accomplish words and sentences. We have found it similar in results as Swiftkey, as well as slightly faster and slicker.

Android Jelly Bean tips
23. Reboot to safe mode

Ah safe mode, the saviour of a lot of Home windows Computers. Because of the sheer quantity of dodgy applications around the Play Store it’s on Android now, too. Lengthy-press the energy button, then lengthy-press the Energy off option. Choose OK to reboot in safe mode, which completely hinders all third-party applications in your device. Then search lower and destroy that dubious little bit of software..

Android Jelly Bean tips
24. Totally reset application preferences

Android provides you with lots of different choices for every installed application, and overall this can be a very positive thing. Sometimes it’s really a bad factor, though: you might find your phone playing up just because a crucial application continues to be disabled, or you’ve transformed the notices for something important like emails. Within the applications drawer, you will find Totally reset application preferences underneath the configurations. This starts over all of your applications on the global level, coming back actions and knowledge configurations for their original levels.

Android Jelly Bean tips
25. Add emojis

“Emojis” would be the Japanese form of emoticons, and like the majority of things from Japan they are far better and cooler than their western alternatives. You are able to enable emoji support for that default Jelly Bean keyboard by selecting Language & input within the configurations application, then visiting the configurations for that stock Android keyboard. Here, choose Add-on dictionaries and choose Emoji for British words. Whenever you next type certain words (there is a complete list here) you will see its symbol come in the forecasts bar. It’s like Wingdings never died.

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