Android juice roku


Juice for Roku allows you to definitely stream photos, videos, music and podcasts from your Android device (and Internet) for your Roku player:

Send photos, music, videos out of your Android device
Send media from the web towards the Roku while using Share functionality or video and audio podcasts (feeds)
Send individual photos or send an entire slide show
Send individual tunes or whole albums towards the Roku. Tunes could be shuffled.
Background Juice service continues for everyone files towards the Roku when you use other Android applications
Make use of the &ldquoShare&rdquo menu in the gallery, browser along with other supported applications to transmit media towards the Roku without needing to launch the Juice application
No requirement for a house media server
No requirement for cables
You don’t need to upload your files to some web server
Completely functional handheld remote control incorporated with similar functionality because the Roku Remote application (offered individually)
Among the best reasons for this application is it’s ability to utilize other applications. For instance, lengthy press a hyperlink to some photo, song or video within the browser and share it towards the Juice application to begin it using the Roku. Or lengthy press a chapter inside your Podcast application and share it to Juice to listen to it using your Roku connected system. Using the share feature, you are able to stream just about anything on the web towards the Roku, additionally to streaming what’s already in your Android device.
You have to add some Juice funnel for your Roku (
Android tool and Roku player should be on a single network
Sdcard mustn’t be mounted to some computer while playing media from that Sdcard
Videos ought to be in MP4 format, however, many MP4s produced on Android products still might not work since Roku does not support all formats. It is dependent around the Android device. It appears to operate fine with videos taken using the Universe Nexus. Doesn’t support YouTube and expensive based videos.

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