Android junk mail filter



SpamDrain stops junk e-mail before they achieve your cell phone. Become junk e-mail free now.

We remove junk e-mail and infections before they achieve your mobile or computer.

This application enables you to definitely access your SpamDrain account. Without having one it is simple to produce a trial account by using this application. If you’re pleased with the service you can purchase a regular membership for just $14.99/year or perhaps a SpamDrain+ subscription for just $29.99/year and account on our website. For prices in EUR and SEK, check out our site spamdrain.internet.

SpamDrain is really a highly intelligent, cloud based, anti-junk e-mail service. Junk e-mail and infections are securely saved far of your stuff on our servers. If your real email continues to be removed it may be easily retrieved inside the application and shipped for your mailbox.

SpamDrain works 24/7 and you don’t need to help keep this application running to possess your e-mail strained. SpamDrain filters your bank account instantly when you are making use of your e-mail as always.

This application will enable you to get began with SpamDrain immediately and begin the blocking immediately. You’ll be led although the process and also the application will instantly find your e-mail configurations and make a merchant account with SpamDrain.

You’ll have the ability to see statistics, for the account, report skipped junk e-mail, retrieve aged messages from your Android phone.

Although this application allows you to setup a POP3 or IMAP account you may even use SpamDrain for the entire domain, eg SpamDrain will filter all messages addressed to customers from the domain before they achieve your e-mail server.

Regardless, SpamDrain always stops junk e-mail and infections before they achieve your network, computer, smartphone or mobile.

Together we are able to fight junk e-mail – obtain a junk e-mail filter that actually works!

For more information, check out world wide web.spamdrain.internet.

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