Android kernel development


How can i learn Android Kernel Development ? what exactly are good learning assets available?

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Sylvain Huard

I simply did that previously 9 several weeks. Android Kernel is dependant on a Linux Kernel 2.6.x. I personally use regularly some books:
O’Reilly- Comprehending The Linux Kernel
O’Reilly- Linux Device Motorists 3rd edition
Make certain you utilize documents mentioning to Kernel version 5.6.x and greater because the 2.4.x has significant variations. You don’t have to read and learn everything to begin with. I frequently use individuals book has reference if needed.

The 2nd step would be to practice. Obtain the free kernel development platform from google android website. Then, if you want to understand, obtain a development platform. Yes some real hardware that you could hook-up some products into it (USB or any other). You will find many available on the internet with cost varying from 400$ or more. Make certain the selected platform is shipped having a full working Android source package. It certainly is simpler to begin from something which works and modify it than from directly from scratch. I began my learning by having an off-the shelf Android tablet also it would be a nightmare. Despite the fact that individuals producers need to publish the origin code due to GPL but, you are not sure if you possess the right version for that hardware you’ve and also the details about your hardware is not so accessible. This is exactly why I only say make use of an evaluation board. It’s worth the expense.

The 3rd advice is have patience. Whenever you install the Kernel, you will notice over 35000 files getting written in your harddisk only for the Kernel and most 135000 for Android. This can be a lot and that i don’t believe anyone can master the entire factor. You’ll acquire understanding in the region you’ll need and find out the relaxation as black boxes. Whenever you find yourself in trouble, you frequently find solutions using google searches or site like stackoverflow. The challenging part is you will find 1000 more details on Android application than Android Kernel.

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