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About SureFox Kiosk Browser

Note: Free version has some restrictions. Buy a license to activate it to full version. Just in case associated with a questions or issues please e mail us at

* Kiosk mode secure browser for Android Pills and Mobile phones
* Restrict customers to browse only selected websites
* Complete device Lockdown stopping customers from being able to access every other applications or configurations (Professional Version)
* Tabbed browsing
* Fullscreen mode
* HTML5 Support
* Expensive Support
* Create Groups of Web addresses on webpage for easir navigation
* Completely Hide HOME button and Disable bottom bar on Android 3.x Honeycomb products (when used along with SureLock)
* Password protected use of browser configurations
* Lock screen orientation to Landscape, Portrait or any other modes
* Enable/Disable Zoom feature
* Show/Hide Title bar
* Show/Hide website address within the title bar
* Show/Hide busy indicator while loading webpages
* Stop device from auto suspend
* Browse local webpages around the device
* Configurable context or shortcut menu
* Launch SureFox Configurations by tapping 5 occasions on back button or any place in the empty area on screen within 3 seconds
* Import/Export configurations to some xml file
* Remotely deploy configuration (http or file transfer)
* File download manager

SureFox combines well with SureLock if you wish to lockdown the Android device into full kiosk mode to ensure that the customers are only able to access SureFox with no other application around the device.

Recent changes:
******* 28/08/2012 ********
* Complete Device Lockdown in Professional Version
* Enhanced HTML5 handling
* UI Enhancements
* Configurable Download Manager path
* Mass certification made simpler and user intervention free.
* Support for custom plugin

******* 05/07/2012 ********
* Tabbed browsing
* Create Groups of Web addresses on webpage for simpler navigation
* HTML5 handling enhanced

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