Android kitchen inventory app



Keep a built-in diet plan, grocery list, and recipe collection that may sync between multiple phones, pills, and also the Internet. Food Planner enables you to definitely rapidly schedule your everyday foods. You may also create additional foods if you’re on the diet needing more foods than breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Make use of your own quality recipes or import brand new ones from among the selected websites. The quality recipes could be organized with tags associating the recipe with certain kinds of foods and week days. View just the best quality recipes when you really need to organize weekly foods.

Help make your grocery list by choosing which days you need to shop. Food Planner uses elements in the quality recipes and provides an overview so that you can eliminate what you curently have. You may also create multiple shopping lists from different stores. Products could be subdivided into groups, therefore it is simple and easy , fast to obtain the shopping done.

All of the data one enters can instantly be shared between multiple phones. Do your food shopping on the way home from work, and make certain a person always has the most recent grocery list. Furthermore, you are able to edit your quality recipes on-line, so you don’t have to create an excessive amount of around the phones small screen.

The aim of Food Planner is to really make it fast and simple to make use of, whilst including more complex features you’ll arrived at appreciate when you be acquainted with the app.

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