Android low on space bug


I’ve been getting the “Low on Space: Phone Storage Space is getting low” error on my Droid ERIS for a while and though I know it’s different for everyone, I discovered my culprit: TEXT MESSAGES. If you’ve deleted apps, cleared your cache, etc., here’s another thing to check before resorting to a reset.

Know these things:
– Unlike every phone I’ve ever owned before, Droid ERIS (and other models too) apparently doesn’t autodelete your texts, or have a cap that would prompt you to know it was a problem. My phone was crashing when I got a new text and wouldn’t let me open old ones.
– The way the Droid handles sms text messages is also different: in threads, rather than an inbox. The problem with this is that you can’t delete individual texts, only a whole thread. I didn’t want to delete a whole thread. I want to keep my boyfriend’s text from this morning, but not the ones from 3 months ago. But I may want to read the older ones later.

Try this:

1. Open your Messages app. Find a thread with 50-200 messages in it and delete it. (Less won’t make a difference unless you delete a lot more, and more will take a long time and possibly freeze the phone.) This frees up SOME space.

2. On the Android Market, download “SMS Backup” (free) [android-sms - Project Hosting on Google Code] and “Delete old messages” (free) [Delete old messages - JADS Limited - Innovative Software Solutions].

3. Link the first one to a Google Account for a backup of all your old messages in your Gmail inbox. Use the second to delete all the old messages from your phone from more than a certain time period ago of your choice (I used 2 months).

Tip: If you are having trouble deleting messages, or opening apps, try restarting your phone. Also try using Advanced Task Killer to shut down all apps you can.

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