Android mirror screen over wifi



Any to the becomes possible…

(!!!!!Rooting needed!!!!!)
(!!!!!You Need To need to see if “MirrorOp Sender” works with your handheld/tablet before purchasing a Register Key!!!!!)

MirrorOp isn’t Miracast but has similar function:
MirrorOp Sender is definitely an application that may MIRROR your Android screen images to some MirrorOp Receiver through Wi-fi compatability or USB. Simultaneously, you should use the MirrorOp Receiver to manage the sender by Mouse/Keyboard/Touch. MirrorOp Receiver can be obtained on many different types of platforms: Android, Home windows, iOS, plus some specific projectors, Televisions, or boxes. Details about various MirrorOp Devices are available on http://world wide

[Mirror screen to Home windows Receiver]
1. Make certain your Android system is rooted.
2. Download (from Android Market) and install the MirrorOp Sender in your Android device.
3. Download the Home windows form of MirrorOp Receiver previously mentioned site, and do the installation!
4. Make certain your Android tool and laptop computer connect with exactly the same Wi-fi compatability network.
5. Run the Receiver application out of your PC.
6. Run the Sender application out of your Android device.
7. It’ll instantly search the receiver and you may begin to mirror the screen of the phone/tablet towards the receiver!
8. You may also use mouse or keyboard to manage back your android phone/tablet from Home windows.

[Mirror Over USB]
Some customers requested how you can connect through USB cable from Android to PC. Please stick to the steps in case your phone/tablet support USB tethering function:
1. Connect your android tool and PC via a USB cable.
2. Open the USB tethering (discussing) function in your android device,(You may want to make reference to your phone help guide to understand how to switch on it.),and then your computer will
instantly use a NDIS driver (there are installed itbefore).
3. Open the Home windows Receiver.
4. Launch the Android MirrorOp Sender and it’ll search the home windows receiver.
5. Choose it, begin to use and you may control back out of your PC.

The sender supports rotation. The orientation in your hands may be the mirror orientation around the receiver side (A specific item is what you’ll get.). Besides, you are able to fix or correct the position within the MENU.

[Can't Support AUDIO Reflecting]
Because of the Android framework limitation, the sender can’t mirror audio. If Android begin to supply the standard Audio Capture connects, we’ll immediately support it.

Android is definitely an open system, so you will find many display/frame-buffer designs for several types of products. Therefore, we can not guarantee our MirrorOp Sender can operate on all of the android products with no problem. The MirrorOp sender must access frame buffer which means you must root your android device around the many instances. However, we still found you will find some products we are able to operate on without rooting.
Searching in the search engines to understand how to root your android device while using key phrases like: “how you can root [Your Android device Model]“. For instance: “how you can root Universe S3″, “how you can root HTC One X”, etc… However, the main process might be harmful so be careful and get it done at the own risk.

The sender enables a few minutes trial. After a few minutes, you need to press “Play” to mirror or you have to purchase a license key in the following Hyperlink to sign up for fully use.

For those who have any question, please leave your message here:

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