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Moonlight dev crew brings Silverlight to Android

Lately, Microsoft continues to be raising eye brows by delivering mobile applications for iOS products. There’s that dead-sexy Bing application for that iPad, the clever Messenger application, as well as OneNote for iOS. Android customers haven’t received exactly the same type of attention yet, however, but a minumum of one Microsoft technologies are headed to Google’s mobile OS: Silverlight.

Exactly the same group who come up with Moonlight &mdash which introduced Silverlight to Linux desktop computers &mdash has worked feverishly to create an Android version. Amazingly, in under per week the Moonlight team could develop a working version and demonstrate it at MIX11 in Vegas. Developer Jeffrey Stedfast states that there are lots of work left to become done, but is clearly excited through the team’s progress to date. As the demo video following the break is not likely to take your breath away, will still be very awesome to determine Silverlight content being performed back with an Android device.

Additionally towards the initial demonstration video, Stedfast has shared another which shows Moonlight for Android rendering three dimensional transforms (it’s following the break too). This is an impressive display, especially thinking about the incredibly almost no time they continues to be at the office around the Android port. And exactly how Microsoft is pushing Silverlight for Home windows Phone 7, this may just become incredibly handy for the finish of the season when Mango arrives and WP7 designers will go hog wild &mdash because you can just have the means to have fun with a few of their masterpieces on Android.

For the time being, you will need to get by with watching Stedfast’s demo videos, which look very smooth running around the Motorola Xoom. Frame rates bounce between 37 and 55, but overall the playback looks really good.

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