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This isn’t a simple question to look on since many all replies involve utilizing a phone like a pointer but what I wish to do is make use of a mouse/ presenter/ pointer to manage an Android tablet. I purchased this Targus Bluetoogh Presenter (Amazon . com) and I wish to interface for an app on my small 7in tablet. Since I’ve spent two hrs unsuccessfully searching Google and stackoverflow I figured I ought to request for help.

The bluetooth presenter works fine. It functions just like a mouse and that i can scroll and click on and run my app all right. But it is really an application in which the tablet is going to be mounted in broad daylight on the moving boat and taking advantage of this fine gain adjustment from the mouse pointer is not likely to work. I am certain even when I possibly could control the pointer, I likely couldn’t even view it. This can be a high stability app with 1 ” high whitened letters on the black background. You simply can’t visit a small mouse pointer.

Things I need is to buy the 2 prrr-rrrglable buttons around the presenter to succeed the concentrate on the couple of buttons around the app after which possess the other button press them. At this time, among the prrr-rrrglable buttons around the presenter highlights among the buttons on my small app but while using right click just fires off whichever button is underneath the mouse pointer. I’m thinking I want the 2 prrr-rrrglable buttons to become advance and enter but that’s only a guess. I’m available to any solution which will work.

I’m not sure even how to start. Must I be programming something within my app? Will I require an interface app to program the buttons? Can there be something within the Play store which will simply do things i want? After I explore bluetooth mouse all I see is applications which use the telephone to manage a pc. Not the direction I would like. I want some assistance or direction.

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