Android network on main thread exception


Android Bump Api Network on main thread exception

To begin with, I am quite a new comer to the Android and JAVA world (originating from C/C++/Objective-C). I am attempting to integrate the Android bump API (3., latest version) but I am having trouble. I replicated the exemple, it’s working fine under Android 2.2, bump services are began properly, but for Android 3. and upper it doesn’t works. I have got an exception (the network on main thread one) when loading my activity, I understand this exception and just how to prevent it, however in this situation, Bump condition they run their API in their own individual thread and so i don’t fully realize why I first got it. They stated that you don’t have to operate a thread or tasks.

This is a sample of my Activity

public class BumpActivity stretches Activity Funnel_CONFIRMED)
filter.addAction(BumpAPIIntents.NOT_Matched up)
filter.addAction(BumpAPIIntents.Matched up)
registerReceiver(receiver, filter)

public void onConfigurationChanged(Configuration newConfig)

private final ServiceConnection connection = new ServiceConnection() catch (RemoteException e)
Log.d(“Bump Test”, “Service connected”)

public void onServiceDisconnected(ComponentName className)

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