Android network toolkit gold apk


zhak Avraham – A Burglar investigator just revealed an application known as Anti, or Android Network Toolkit at Defcon hacker conference in Vegas Friday and plans to offer to Android in future. The application is made to bring easy hacking on the run that can bring all of the hacking tools open to transmission testers on Computers to mobile phones, by having an automated interface meant to make sniffing at local systems and possessing remote servers as easy as pushing a couple of buttons.

While Anti is going to be ideal for investigator to complete mobile pen testing, it may be very harmful along with a hacker could, for example, enter a cafe or perhaps a corporate office together with his phone and fasten in public places Wi-fi compatability to begin sussing out machines for data thievery or adware and spyware infection. Here’s what Avraham states:

&ldquoAnti is the perfect mobile companion, doing the work all for you personally. Don’t forget, with great energy comes great responsibility. Utilize it sensibly.&rdquo

Anti, is going to be on Android Market in a few days like a free application having a $10 corporate upgrade and can request customers in the tos to limit their hacking to &ldquowhite hat&rdquo transmission testing. Stay updated around at Twitter and facebook, Google to obtain update on latest Android News, Applications, games and Live Wallpapers. source.

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