Android news and weather widget not working


Android stock news and weather application no longer working

A few days the stock Weather and news application on Android phones isn’t working. The elements application can be obtained on ICS and Jelly Bean products and shows a pleasant weather widget on desltop. When clicked on on, the application opens full screen and shows current weather in the Weather Funnel and 7-day forcast. By swiping right the very best news appear. Observe that the elements location could be acquired instantly by location.

You will find not good reasons the stock application isn’t working. The widget and also the application show network error and will not connect. Because so many Universe Nexus customers have obtained Android update to Jelly Bean, you will find numerous guesses around the internet when the weather application eliminate due to the update.

However, the reason behind the misfuntion could possibly be the ease of access from the searver that delivers weather dara. Based on some older reviews, it has happened before and was solved inside a couple of days.

Let us hope this time around the problem may also be solved soon – news and weather application is actually nice to make use of, small , cosy.

Update: The problem was resolved after 2 days.

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