Android nintendo ds emulator apk


Dsoid v1.5.2 apk Nintendo DS emulator for Android

Needs: Andorid 2.3+
Overview: This is actually the first Nintendo DS emulator for Android having a dynarec.
At this time the NDS emulator is within beta so you will find many bugs also it runs slow. However, I’ll try to update it frequently therefore it will get far better!
Please message me for those who have any problems. I can not really fix bugs should you just publish single star review saying it crashes.
Other functions to become added
-Save States
Save files will work however. So that you can save throughout the in
save points, however, you can’t pause the overall game and make up a
save condition
What’s within this version:
Many people are confirming problems viewing their roms. I can not duplicate this issue, and so i changed it having a file explorer

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