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Recently we’ve got our start looking at Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and every one of its buttery goodness. With lots of additional features visiting the most recent discharge of Android, you will find some more compact tweaks that haven’t seen a great deal of discussion.Certainly one of individuals tweaks may be the capacity to disable notices for the application. This can prove useful for those who have an application that’s over-loading you with notices, without any establishing the application to disable them. However it can be done in the OS level in Android 4.1.If you notice there’s a brand new option within the Application Info screen that enables you to definitely switch off notices to have an application.You will get towards the Application Info screen by lengthy-pressing on the notification, or entering Configurations > Applications after which choosing the application that you wish to disable notices. Tap around the check mark box alongside Show Notices and accept the warning. Moving forward, you’ll no more receive notices for your specific application.Should you convince you, enter Configurations > Applications again and recheck this area for that application.

The recording below will take you step-by-step through both techniques and provide you with a much better concept of the way it all looks.A brand new Android application that enables smartphone proprietors to gain access to the Notices even from the locked screen, greatly resembles an element in iOS 5, TechCrunch reviews.The application-maker FlyScreen, is presenting its “SuperFly API” that is starting in sequences, using the first service already being offered.The texting application within the API, Kik ought to be available inside a week. For the moment, around the FlyScreen web page the developer is gathering emails from “Android enthusiasts” and announces the full API is going to be launched soon.You’ll find the FlyScreen application around the Android Market with the organization searching for interested designers to use via the website to build up future applications.Apparently, these SuperFly Notices will initially be much like iOS with only symbols and text, but following the development process is finished, the brand new service can make Notices more thorough, intriguing and interactive.The notification lockscreen will alert the customers whether they have skipped calls, mails, or messages in addition to when new updates can be found.It ought to be noted the very latest Android smartphone proprietors can already take advantage of the feature, because the latest version of Google’s OS, Frozen Treats Sandwich, offers some lockscreen notices too.For older versions of Android, an application known as WidgetLocker supplies a fairly similar feature, though you have to pull lower the notification bar.

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