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What’s Odex And Deodex In Android [Complete Guide]

Being an Android newbie, what bothered me most was finding terminology beyond my comprehension. Not from a Linux background it grew to become hard to maintain the oh-so-generally-used words spread all over the expansion community. Likewise, since i have did not comprehend the terms, consequently I had been not able to find out is one thing was useful in my experience or otherwise. From what I’ve come across, this issue stretches to a lot of novice as well as average customers.

One generally occurring word when having fun with custom ROMs and firmware, as well as styles is deodexed and odexed. Most customers neglect to know very well what these terms really imply, even though designers would boast over and over regarding their styles and ROMs being deodexed, the typical user remains unaware regarding what’s going on.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll attempt to explain what odexed and deodexed means, and just what implications will it provide an informal user.


In Android file system, programs are available in packages using the extension .apk. These application packages, or APKs contain certain .odex files whose supposed function would be to save space. These ‘odex’ files are really collections of areas of a credit card applicatoin which are enhanced before startup. Doing this accelerates the boot process, because it preloads a part of a credit card applicatoin. However, additionally, it makes hacking individuals programs difficult because an element of the coding was already removed to a different location before execution.


Deodexing is essentially repackaging of those APKs in in a certain style, such that they’re put back together into classes.dex files. By doing that, all bits of a credit card applicatoin package constructed in one place, thus getting rid of worries of the modified APK conflicting with a few separate odexed parts.

To sum up, Deodexed ROMs (or APKs) have their application packages put together again in one location, permitting for simple modification for example theming. Since no bits of code are originating from any exterior location, custom ROMs or APKs will always be deodexed to make sure integrity.

Is Employed

For that more nerdy among us, Android OS utilizes a Java-based virtual machine for running programs, known as the Dalvik Virtual Machine. A deodexed, or .dex file consists of the cache utilized by this virtual machine (known to as Dalvik-cache) for any program, which is saved within the APK. An .odex file, however, is definitely an enhanced form of this same .dex file that’s saved near the APK instead of within it. Android is applicable this method automatically to any or all the machine programs.

Now, when an Android-based product is startup, the davlik cache for that Davlik VM is made with such .odex files, permitting the OS to understand ahead of time what programs is going to be loaded, and therefore accelerates the startup process.

By deodexing these APKs, a developer really puts the .odex files back in their particular APK packages. Since all code has become contained inside the APK itself, it might be easy to modify any application package without conflicting using the operating system’s execution atmosphere.


The benefit of deodexing is within modification options. This really is most broadly utilized in custom ROMs and styles. A developer creating a custom ROM would more often than not decide to deodex the ROM package first, since that will not just permit him to modify various APKs, but additionally leave room for publish-install theming.

However, because the .odex files were designed to rapidly build the dalvik cache, getting rid of them means longer initial boot occasions. However, this is correct just for the very first ever boot after deodexing, because the cache would get built with time as programs are utilized. Longer boot occasions may be viewed again when the dalvik cache is easily wiped for whatever reason.

For an informal user, the primary implication is within theming options. Styles for android are available in APKs too, and when you need to modify any one of individuals, it is best to select a dedoexed custom ROM.

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