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I am a developer, first of all. I love writing code. In my experience, maintaining servers, setting up things, troubleshooting network issues and so on – they are a few things i do in order to support my primary interest and job like a developer. I am not unaware of this stuff, but with that said they are not my personal favorite things you can do.
One factor I’ll admit I have been ignorant through the years is DNS. Without a doubt, I understand at an advanced how it operates. I know a little concerning the different record types. I understood enough to possess my very own domain title, set up using Godaddy’s DNS servers to suggest to my server. But really running my very own title server? Something I have never done and, for whatever reason, had this abnormal anxiety about.
Well, forget about. I am now running my own, personal shiny new title server and, really, it had not been really as difficult when i thought. And since it was a chance to learn for me personally, I believed I’d take you step-by-step through things i did too.
Selecting a Server
You will find two large gamers within the &ldquoDNS Server software&rdquo space: BIND and djbdns. BIND may be the 900 pound gorilla that’s been around forever and ever, and it is insanely hard to configure. djbdns comes from exactly the same guy who authored qmail – I’ll allow you to function as the judge of this. But after researching and really trying to set up these two, I finally threw in the towel. Both just discovered to be too complex for any simple title server handling a few domain names, and also the documentation for was equally complex.
This is when someone on Twitter pointed me to MaraDNS. I looked it over and was surprised to locate good, readable and straightforward documentation that managed to get look simple to install. And So I made the decision allow it a whirl. This is what Used to do. Observe that this install is perfect for a Gentoo system. Yours will change if you are using another thing.

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