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One might be surprised that games aren’t constantly emerging as top dogs in the app idea fight here on However, this is probably due to the fact that it is hard to visualize a game’s concept, gameplay, and/or graphics until you actually see ‘em in action.

Want to make sure that your idea for a mobile game gets the attention that it deserves? Check out this major pointer below…

We’ve noticed that the majority of game idea submissions don’t include mock-ups. Think about your favorite mobile games, and how they would be described if submitted in only plain text to the Applits competition. For example, Angry Birds: “In this game, the user will slingshot angry birds at pigs that stole their friends.” For Plants vs. Zombies: “In this game, the user will defend their house by planting rock and seed-throwing plants that are aimed at oncoming zombies.” For Tiny Wings: “In this game, a bird will slide up and down a bunch of hills to gain momentum.” Not exactly the most tempting app ideas to vote on if you hear of them during Applits Voting Week.

However, imagine if some screenshots of what the game could possibly look like were attached to the app idea. A visual of how fun the game could really be if developed; this brings some cutesy animated characters into the equation of obtaining visitors’ votes. Instead of reading the simple sentence “A bird will slide up and down a bunch of hills to gain momentum,” you’d see an image like this which makes the idea that much more appealing.

When Applits submissions did include sample game screenshots and visuals on what game play would look like – as in the July competition with Ramza Chowday’s idea, “Revenge” – we noticed a skyrocketing of popularity. (Note: Although this idea didn’t win the July competition, the attention it received was certainly notable). Why is this? Users were easily able to visualize what the game would look like upon development.

How can you imitate this success, even if you don’t have any artistic ability? Having just launched the Applits Community, you can now head to our discussion boards and meet up with an artist who can bring some visuals to your idea. Artists charge a set price for each screen that you have them design, and the amount of screens you’d like them to bring to life is up to you. More specifically, head to the “Collaborate!” forum in the Applits Community to ask for an artist’s help.

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